If your home or office has suffered water damage, there are many things that you can do to prepare for the clean up before the professionals get there. You can start with these simple tips.

Practice Safety First

If there are downed power lines or any other safety concerns, be sure that the power supply is cut off and that there are no natural gas leaks.

Also, be mindful that sometimes with a flood you’ll have to deal with raw sewage. Avoid this as it can make you very sick. Take proper precautions to cover you eyes, mouth, and your hands and always use disinfectants when washing your hands and before you eat anything.

Open Doors And Windows

Start by opening doors for natural ventilation. This is important as the air flow will help to dry out the wood, carpeting and anything else that has been damaged.

Don’t forget to open the windows as well. The more air circulation, the better and you want to get this going as quickly as you can.

Take Pictures

Before you begin the clean up efforts, take some pictures so that you can show your insurance adjusters when they assess the damage.

If need be, make temporary repairs to windows, roofs and anywhere else that may allow more water into the home. Ensure that these repairs will last longer than six months as you don’t know when the insurance will go through.

Remove Things

If the flood has damaged any personal belongings be sure to remove these so that you’ll be able to either discard them or salvage them. If they remain, they can promote mold and mildew and encourage its growth.

This will be a serious health hazard so always ensure that there isn’t anything laying around that will promote mold or mildew.

Assess Damage

Sometimes the sheetrock and plaster can be saved depending upon how much water it was exposed to. See what you can do to dry it out or plan on replacing it accordingly.

Water damage is best treated by the restoration professionals but taking the time to do the above mentioned minor things before the professionals arrive will go far in helping your home to be safer. It will also help to promote drying out and discourage mold and mildew growth. Lastly, wash down the surfaces of everything to remove any mud or silt. Use a mild bleach solution for this.

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